They Don’t Know Who We Be

BeautifulBallad is a gossip site focused on young Hollywood. We love anything and everything that has to do with young celebs and their lives. With every post we write we include our own individual opinions, which some of you may not agree with. If you don’t like what we’re saying leave a comment! We enjoy the free discussion of opinions and love hearing from other people.This site is operated by three young women who are huge Disney fans and love all types of music. We title every post with a song lyric, try to figure out each song! We try to include all facets of young Hollywood, as we feel important young celebs are left out by other sites.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or tips, please email If you have photos or videos you want us to post, please email And finally, if there is a celeb you want to see more often on here, please email We want you to be able to come to BeautifulBallad for all your young celeb info!

We can also be found at Thanks for stopping by 🙂


3 thoughts on “They Don’t Know Who We Be

  1. Hey beautifulballad,
    I just wanted to tell you three that I love your site way more than oceanup. You have so many more stars and get the info out way faster. I’ll definitely be coming here instead of oceanup. Thanks for doing this!

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