When I Tell the Punchline Wrong

Twitter pic round-up! Nick Jonas returned to his second home, the BeatLab, yesterday, January 24, with his pal, and bandmate, Greg Garbowsky.

Shay Mitchell and a pal left for New York City while Tiffany Thornton and Brandon Smith enjoyed the wild outdoors! Nicole Anderson had a viewing party for Mean Girls 2 with her co-stars, Jennifer Stone and Diego Boneta.

Nicole also had a girls night out last night. Megan Park took a self shot on her last day of filming for So Undercover, she said she is not pleased to be done filming.

Which is your fave?

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I’ve Heard There Was a Secret Chord

Mini twitter pic round-up post! Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell share an adorable friend moment at a Golden Globe after party while photographer Dirk Mai (ex-boyfriend of Demi Lovato) showed off an old photo shoot pic of Demi (gorgeous!).

The guys of Wizards of Waverly Place smiled for the camera and Justin Bieber attended Jessica Jarrell’s birthday party! Madison Pettis also showed off a fun pic of her at an amusement park.

Tom Felton took picture of the train he rode on the way home from London today and Nick Jonas was in NYC posing with his fans! Miranda Cosgrove showed a tour rehearsal pic while Ashley and Shay switched hair colors!

Which is your fave?

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I’ll Keep You In My Heart

Tuesday Twitter pic round-up! Kevin and Nick Jonas flashed a smile before their live chat today, January 11, while Joe worked in the studio and showed off his pup pup, Winston.

A new photo of Miley Cyrus from earlier this Fall appeared and her castmates got picture happy on the So Undercover set today, too.

Megan Park showed off her muscles and Kelly Obsourne rocked a new hairdo. Miley’s love interest got a girly makeover while Jordin Sparks gave a speech.

So many great pics, the one of Josh is so funny!

Which is your favorite?

Thanks @CircleOfDisney and Credit to @MilesUpdates and CyrusPerfection for the Miley pic!

You Got the World Before You

More photos have arrived of the So Undercover filming today, January 3, in New Orleans. Miley Cyrus and her castmates filmed outside a local sorority house.

Looks like it’s bid day on set! Miley along with Megan Park and Kelly Osbourne play sorority sisters in Kappa Kappa Zeta!

I think I might just see this movie to see how fake happy Miley has to be!

UPDATE: Added are a couple more photos from filming.

SourceSource 2

So So Good Good Good

The girls of So Undercover were back at work this morning, January 3, in New Orleans, LA. The ladies, who all spent the holidays in their hometowns, took an “educational” field trip to a local sorority house.

Everyone looks so cute! Miley Cyrus’ phone would be all gold! The girl sitting next to her looks like Denika but it’s hard to tell from this angle. Megan Park and Kelly Osbourne are adorable though!

UPDATE: Added more candids of the girls filming outside the house and added two more pics from Kelly’s twitter.

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He’s Making a List

Miley Cyrus was hard at work on the set of So Undercover today, December 22, in New Orleans, LA. She was joined on set by her co-stars, Kelly Osbourne and Megan Park.

That is a lot of pink Miley is wearing! I’m loving how preppy everyone looks in this film, it’s so different to see Miley all girly-ed out like this, too. Today was also the final day of filming for So Undercover before their holiday break.

Also in the gallery is a new pic Kelly tweeted of her and Miley! Kelly was “just being Miley”.


To Rock the Night Away

Miley Cyrus has been hard at work in New Orleans on her new movie, So Undercover. Recently she filmed scenes with co-star, Megan Park, in front of their sorority house.

Miley plays a private investigator who goes undercover as a sorority sister. It also looks like Miley filmed scenes with her love interest in the film, Josh Bowman.

Everyone looks so pretty and preppy in these photos! Some of Miley’s facial expressions are cracking me up, I hope the movie is really funny!