You And Me Together

Remember when we told you over the weekend Zac Efron was spotted at a party in North Carolina with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens?

Well, according to J-14 Magazine, Zac was indeed in North Carolina with Vanessa!

J-14 says, “”Zac and Vanessa were spotted walking hand-in-hand in Downtown Wilmington and grabbing dinner two nights in a row at a romantic restaurant. Sources also say Zac accompanied Vanessa to a party for the cast and crew and that they were kissing all night!”

I really hope these two are back together, but until I see some picture proof or their reps confirm it I am going to take everything I hear with a grain of salt.

Also, we have added the photo we have of Zac at the party he attended with Vanessa this past weekend. Apparently, they were very cuddly all night!

We have added another photo of Zac at the party. It looks like he is at a party with the One Tree Hill cast because the girl he is talking to looks like Bethany Joy Galeotti from the show. If that is her then he was definitely in Wilmington, North Carolina because that is where OTH films!

Also, doesn’t the girl to the left of the picture with the red cup look like Vanessa?

What do you guys think?


Thanks @ItHadtoBeYouJB and thanks @anavelasquezr for the picture!


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