What Do They Know

Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley, recently spoke with Pop Star Argentina about the end of the Harry Potter franchise.

On what we will see from Ginny in the Deathly Hallows: Part 2:

“I think, really, the character in this second part evolves a lot. She fights Bellatrix and more, I can’t say much but in this part Ginny is great, apart from the epilogue, which I don’t know if you knew but we reshot it back in December.”

On the romance between Harry and Ginny:

“I loved playing her! I was really lucky to do it, really, and I owe it all to my brother. At the beginning, people didn’t care much about the character, or she didn’t have much love, or they took her as a fool (and I’m talking about the movies), but now they’ll say: Is that Ginny? …But really, Ginny is almost like me, I was shy at the beginning but then I became confident and I think I’m a good person.”

On ever having a crush on Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter):

“No! Everyone keeps asking that. I’ve known everyone for years, I’ve lost count [laughs], but we always treat each other as friends and it will always be like that. Besides, it’ll be really embarrassing, some people tell me: “Bonnie, you make a great couple with Dan!” and I just look at them blushing and smiling, Jamie (Campbell-Bower) looks at them, it’s so funny.”

On who she gets along the best with in the cast:

“Hard question, my best friends are Evanna (Lynch), Katie (Leung) and Emma (Watson) and I get along very good with Rupert (Grint) and Matthew (Lewis). Rupert is a great friend, he makes me laugh in the difficult moments and cheers me up. I’m lucky he’s my brother [laughs].

And Matthew, he’s a great and excellent friend, really, I consider him as a brother, we get along just fine and he’s really sweet and excellent. Evanna is really intelligent and daring. Katie is a very good friend, although we don’t get along in the movies [laughs]; and Emma is really great.”

I seriously cannot believe it is almost over. This is so depressing! However, I do like her answer to the crush on Daniel question..lol!


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