Right In Its Tracks

More information on the movie Perks of Being A Wallflower, starring Emma Watson and Logan Lerman has been released.

NY Mag’s Vulture is reporting “that the movie will be independently produced by John Malkovich and that Summit Entertainment, the home of the Twilight franchise, is in talks to pick it up and plans to begin shootingWallflower this June.”

For all who don’t know, “the epistolary novel begins in Pittsburgh in August 1991 with a high school freshman named Charlie writing anonymous letters to strangers that detail his life as a social outcast, save for his friendship with two classmates — a stepbrother and stepsister — who befriend him. Watson would play the stepsister, Sam; Lerman would play Charlie.”

The site is also reporting that we could hear a formal announcement as early as this week.

I really hope this is indeed true. I would love for Emma to take on this part and see her act outside of the Harry Potter franchise! I would also love to see Emma and Logan do a movie together.

What do you think?


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