Need To Know If It’s Over

Will Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas be working together again? According to Shakur Green, a music producer who worked with Miley on her The Time of Our LivesEP, they will be!

Shakur recently took to his twitter to say he would be hitting the studio with Miley and Nick starting January 14. He also revealed that he would be producing between 7 and 10 tracks for Miley and that she would be working with other producers, as well.

He also alluded to Miley and Nick apparently doing a duet album together. As much as we’re looking forward to new music from Miley and Nick, we think it’d be unlikely if they released music together.

We’ve loved the songs Miley and Nick have done together in the past and we’d love new songs from the pair but the idea of a duet album just seems fairly farfetched. We’re not going to rule it out completely because Miley did record The Time of Our Lives EP while filming The Last Song so her recording music while filming wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary. And Miley did just favorite two videos of her singing with Nick on her personal Youtube account.

However, until a legitimate confirmation comes from either Miley or Nick, we’ll go with the pair working on new music, just most likely not music together.

What do you think? Would you like them to team up again?

Thanks @CircleOfDisney!


4 thoughts on “Need To Know If It’s Over

  1. Yes she recorded The Time of Our Lives EP while filming The Last Song.
    But she also said it was unfair to the other to do that, and thaht she will not do it again!

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