See Anything

Life & Style magazine has more details about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romantic rendezvous in Miami at the Gansvoort Hotel a two weeks ago. Selena flew in to spend the weekend with Justin, attending a few shows before Justin’s tour came to an end.

Life & Style is reporting that the young couple spent the night in Justin’s room and ordered room service for two from STK restaurant. They ordered penne pasta with alfredo sauce and a ginger ale and Pepsi.

A source told the magazine, “Justin’s had a crush on her forever, but they’ve always just been friends. I guess something changed for her.” Justin apparently had checked in to the hotel under the name Chandler Bing.

Normally we write off items from Life & Style because they have a tendency to stretch the truth but the Chandler Bing part of the story made us reconsider. We all know Selena is a huge FRIENDS fan and Justin may have checked in under that name in homage to his girlfriend!

What do you think of Justin and Selena together?



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