Lets Go To The Movies

The Hollywood Reporter released the list of the “10 Highest Grossing Films of 2010” and several of our favorite movies from the past year made the list! These numbers are the Worldwide box office totals!

Miranda Cosgrove’s flick, Despicable Me, landed at #8 with $539.9 million and Twilight‘s Eclipsetook the #6 spot with $693.5 million.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 snagged the #4 position with $824.1 million and Toy Story 3, the best reviewed movie of the year and one of our faves, came in at #1 with $1.1 billion.

A lot of our faves were on this list. The full Top 10 can be seen below the jump.

Which of the Top 10 did you see?


10. Clash of the Titans — $493.2 million
9. How to Train Your Dragon — $494.9 million
8. Despicable Me — $539.9 million
7. Iron Man 2 — $582.2 million
6. Twilight Saga: Eclipse — $693.5 million
5. Shrek Forever After — $739.8 million
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. — $824.1
3. Inception — $825.4 million
2. Alice in Wonderland — $1 billion
1. Toy Story 3 — $1.1 billion


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