Everything’s Going To Be Alright

Demi Lovato was able to celebrate her Christmas day with her family on Saturday, December 25, confirmed by People magazine. As we previously reported, Demi was only allowed to leave her treatment center in the Chicago suburbs for a few hours on Christmas afternoon.

Demi made the most of her outing, visiting with her mother, step-father, and two sisters. According to a People source, Christmas “is the most important holiday to” Demi.

No word on when Demi will leave the treatment center she entered at the end of October for “mental and physical’ issues but we hope she is getting all the help she needs. And we’re so glad she was able to spend the holiday with her family.

In the gallery are more photos of Demi returning to her treatment center with her family on December 25.

UPDATE: Demi was spotted out with her family getting dinner and going to see a movie on Christmas day! The video is posted above!




3 thoughts on “Everything’s Going To Be Alright

  1. No one is perfect. No one should assume some one is supposed to be perfect. Demi always had issues and never really hid them either. She was bullied as a young child..I am sure many kids are (Miley and Selena were as well apparently) and while many kids learn to put the past behind them and focus on positives, not every one can.

    I believe Dems will come out of this stronger than ever before and will have a brighter, more positive attitude on life!

    To assume Selena and Miley will follow suit and end in rehab is immature. They might, but to blame Disney or the pressure of being perfect is childish. They are not TRYING to be perfect, they just are who they wanna be.

    I hope the best for Demi. She is an extremely talented young woman and can do wonders with her talent. Look forward to seeing her next year! xo

  2. People can deny it and avoid saying it all they want, but these Disney kids are messed up. If this is how Demi broke down, imagine what Miley’s breakdown will be like. Especially in lieu of her recent “legal” activities and family issues. Selena’s will be the worst though. Too much stress put on her to be perfect. Truly sad.

    1. Demi’s breakdown had nothing to do with her working for Disney. She had mental issues long before she started working for the Mouse House and she’ll have them most likely as long as she lives. The saddest thing about Demi’s situation is that her issues went unmonitored/unchecked for so long. Part of the blame for that can be attributed to Disney but most of it should rest on her parents who seemed to have turned a blind eye to it all until it was too late.

      It’s unfair to assume Miley and Selena will have breakdowns, too, simply because Demi had one. As “wild” as Miley is she has a much better grasp on her life than Demi ever did. And Selena has way too smart of a team surrounding her to let anything negative hinder her fame.

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