And the Sound of Children’s Laughter

Rumors have been flying all day about Demi Lovato possibly leaving the medical treatment facility for Christmas. Some sources claim she is leaving for the weekend while others said she would leave for a few days and then decide if she needed to return to the facility.

We’re not sure which to believe but is reporting (and they’re usually pretty spot on, they were the first to break the news Demi had entered a treatment center) that Demi will be allowed to leave the facility to spend Christmas dinner with her family.

Demi has been at a medical treatment center in the Chicago suburbs for the past few months. Apparently after dinner with her family, Demi will return to the treatment center to continue her program.

We really hope Demi gets to spend the Christmas holiday with her family. And we hope when Demi does, for sure, leave the treatment center she is in a happy and healthy place again. We miss her a lot and want her to know all her fans love her.


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