One Horse Sleigh has complied a list of the Top Charitable Stars of 2010 and some of our favs made the “Top 10”.

Justin Bieber starst the list at #10. “Justin Bieber visited and dedicated a music video to the many children battling illness worldwide, even raising $150,000 for a Buffalo, NY children’s hospital. Bieber also works with Pencils of Promise to help build schools and increase education opportunities in the developing world,donating $1 from every ticket sold to the org, which is no small change when you’re selling out giant arenas.”

Nick Jonas is next on the list at # 6. “Nick Jonas isn’t just 1/3 of the The Jonas Brothers and their Change for the Children Foundation. A leading diabetes advocate, Nick became this year’s National Chair for JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes. He supports the cause everywhere he can, writing a blog that promotes diabetes awareness and even offering a personal visit for diabetes-sufferers who made a difference in their communities.”

Finally Taylor Swift rounds off the list at #3. “Taylor Swift is a Tennessee girl, so when Nashville flooded this year, she jumped to its aid & donated $500,000 the relief effort. She also posed for a picture next to her favorite Nashville landmark to raise additional funds for the cause. Later this year, Taylor joined Scholastic to promote literacy through READ NOW.”

To see the full list click here.

Let’s hope we can get even more young celebs on the list next year!


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