Is the Holly That Will Be

Shia LaBeouf had another run in with the paparazzi last Friday, December 17, in Los Angeles, CA. The Holes actor was headed to his pick up truck with a friend when a paparazzi began to video tape and follow him.

The photographer asks Shia why he won’t pose for photos and then begins to taunt Shia asking “why you so aggressive”. Shia proceeds to get out of his pick up truck and chase the photographer through the parking lot.

At the end of the video the photographer gets very nasty and confrontational while Shia returns to his truck and drives off. Honestly I do not think I could have kept calm if I was Shia. The photographer just would not stop. While it would have been better if Shia hadn’t chased the photographer, the photographer was harassing Shia the whole walk to his car and then after.

The paparazzi know Shia hates them, I feel like most of them, this guy included, only go up to him now hoping Shia will flip out and do something dangerous.


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