It’s the Right Time

Despite reports Justin Bieber’s representative claims the pop singer is single, more photos of Justin hanging out with “rumored” girlfriend, Selena Gomez last night, December 19, after his concert in Tampa have appeared. From the pics, in the gallery, it looks as if Justin had a pizza party after he performed.

Also, according to DisneyInfo, a family member of Selena’s (many think her cousin, Priscilla) may have confirmed the two are dating on Facebook. Apparently the family member posted, “I don’t understand what all the huff is about Sel and Justin dating. It’s not a big deal. They have an obvi reason for keeping it a secret and it’s TOTES none of your business. Sel isn’t ready to admit she’s dating Justin and Justin respects that. LEAVE THEM ALONE!”

We think the pair are so cute together and we already thought they were dating. Ever since Justin spent Thanksgiving with Selena and her family we knew there was something romantic going on. And while we do understand Selena’s apparent want for privacy regarding their relationship status, she is dating the most famous male teen star currently and the public is going to be curious!

What do you think of this couple?

Thanks @Ashley_Winkler and @LuceNene

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