Oh What Fun It Is

Justin Bieber performed at B96’s Jingle Ball in Chicago last night, December 11. Justin performed at the All State Arena alongisde Mike Posner, Nelly, and Bruno Mars.

Justin chatted with Showbiz Shelly, one of B96’s DJs, about spending Christmas back home with his family in Canada and what he wants for Christmas. He also said he doesn’t like UGGs on girls, something he has in common with the Jonas Brothers.

Justin was asked if he is dating Selena Gomez which he coyly tried to deflect back to the DJ. The DJ pressed on asking about their pancake outing and Justin said that as a 16-year-old guy he would be out there dating.

He seemed to get a bit flustered talking about Selena. I definitely think those two have a little something something going on! You can listen to the interview HERE.

Also added a new photo of Selena and Justin in Texas!! Thanks to the wonderful person on formspring who sent us it:)

Thanks @Ashley_Winkler!!!

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