You Would Know

Demi Lovato and Alex Welch, aka Bgirlshorty, have settled their dispute outside of court. Welch was pursuing legal action against Demi for the physical altercation that occurred at the end of October on a private plane in South America.

Apparently, Alex will be paid a “hefty six figures” and is now only allowed to discuss “the case in terms amenable to Lovato’s camp”. According to Chicago Sun-Times, a source close to the situation said Demi’s camp did not want to go to trial.

The source added, “There are too many embarrassing and damaging details that could come out”. Demi is supposedly nearing the end of her treatment program and she was being treated for an eating disorder, anger management, and addiction issues.

This is certainly a less than stellar situation and I’m glad it was resolved before it became even messier. We hope Demi is still staying strong in treatment and that she knows all of us love and miss her.

Thanks @CircleOfDisney!



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