Scary Ghost Stories

Radar Online is reporting that Alex Welch will indeed be taking Demi Lovato to court next week, for punching her back in the beginning of November.

Alex’s lawyer is stating that, “that the injuries his client sustained warranted emergency medical care and further consultation from a cosmetic surgeon” and that “We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery, and for mental stress.”

However, Steve Johnson, a Disney Channel rep, updated his personal twitter (SteveDJohnson) saying:

“Suing Demetria won’t get you anything, but money loss and bans to attend work with any upcoming tours and projects associated with Disney.”
“I don’t see the point of this lawsuit. Reps confirmed it was a just a minor injury, nothing serious. Making a big deal out of a little fender bender. If money is what she’s trying to take from this lawsuit, Disney has good lawyers and a budget higher than 10 billion. We completely have Demi’s side if this lawsuit process continues to court.”

This whole situation is just ridiculous!

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Alex will not be suing Demi, but they will be settling out of court according to

Credit to @CircleOfDisney!

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One thought on “Scary Ghost Stories

  1. That’s ridiculous. You don’t need plastic surgery when you get punched in the face. I feel like Alex is taking this way too far out of hand.

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