Peace Will Stand Its Ground

Justin Bieber recently spoke with BOP and TigerBeat to clear up some rumors about his life.

On him dating Selena Gomez he says, “I think Selena is pretty, but I don’t like her.” Finally, on him having a big ego,” “Staying humble is the most important thing”.

In other Justin news, he is releasing his very own set of 150  trading cards and 50 stickers. Justin said, “It’s awesome; it makes me feel great. I always dreamed of being a hockey player and having my own trading card. I remember collecting hockey cards, so the idea that kids are going to enjoy my cards like I enjoyed my hockey cards is amazing”.

I am glad some of these rumors are untrue, but I am still holding out on the Selena and Justin dating rumor! Also, i do believe Justin is one of the first musicians to have their own set of trading cards.

What do you guys think?

Credit to @missing2much!



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