Baby, What’s Your Hurry?

Two new photos of Miley Cyrus smoking have appeared. Miley’s hair is much shorter, like it was this summer, so this leads me to believe these photos are from her new film, LOL.

Miley plays a wild child in the French remake and we do know her character smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol and more in the new film. There has been rumors in the past of Miley smoking but I believe these are from her new film.

What do you think?

Thanks @CircleOfDisney and @RachelBranda!


6 thoughts on “Baby, What’s Your Hurry?

  1. hey, its Ashley and Clair and where really happy she smokes we both do and just because where lesbians doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s right I mean yeah we sleep with each other but we love miley and we hope she’ll read this and want to be a third in the bed every night and maybe make some baby’s with us because I haven’t had amazing sex in a while and I want to have amazing sex every night but Ashley will only have once a month but I think we should keep having sex until we break but that won’t happen in a while so any girl out there come have some amazing sex with us

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