Bigger and Better and Best

First look of Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay! Ash returned to her blonde past to bring Sharpay, from High School Musical, back to life. Ash is currently in Toronto filming Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

I’m so glad she’s wearing a wig, I fear for her hair’s health! And as apprehensive as I am about this film (and what it means for Ash’s career) I am looking forward to Sharpay’s return. She was fierce in the HSM trilogy and I’m sure this new DCOM will be just as entertaining!



So Much More Than Friends

The always on top of things E! News discussed Miley Cyrus’ new “sexy” performance wardrobe. I wouldn’t exactly call Miley’s new video for “Can’t Be Tamed” image shattering but it’s nice of E! to provide another opinion.

What do you think?

Thanks @RachelBranda!

Gotta Leave You All Behind

Another reason why I love Rupert Grint: he has a tendency to get a little rowdy! Rupert told BANG Showbiz about the time he got a little too liquored up and fell asleep in a graveyard!

Rupert said, “I really overdid it once when I woke up in a graveyard. I’d been at my mate’s house, we’d been asleep, then there was alcohol involved and we went out. A graveyard really isn’t the nicest place to wake up!”

I can’t imagine waking up in a graveyard, too scary. But I find it endearing Rupert can sometimes get a little crazy and make a few poor life decisions!



Another One Bites the Dust

A few new promo pics from the upcoming season of JONAS LA. There are also two pics of Joe Jonas filming with a blonde co-star (not Chelsea Staub).

The new season premieres June 20, are you excited?

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It’s All About The Climb

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were interviewed by 7pm Project and The Hot hits while in Sydney, where they talked about the third film, Eclipse, and the phenomenon that is Twilight.

Also, Kristen surprised many of us when she stated in the first video that she loves Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” and then went on in the second video to state that Taylor was a big fan.

I think I like Kristen even more than I did before!

Second video below the jump!

Credit to Miley Fan for the videos!!!

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Got You Stuck On My Elevator

Joe Jonas talked to BOP and Tigerbeat about his experience of getting stuck in the elevator after their Grove performance with his brothers and Big Rob.

It sounds like it was a really scary moment and I agree with Joe I would be avoiding elevators too if I got stuck in one!

thanks @JEMIxMIAMLOVE for sending it in!


Why You All In My Ear

Another promo for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards has arrived. This one features Taylor Lautner with Tom Cruise’s other identity Les Grossman.

Love Taylor’s facial expressions during this promo. I guess now we have to wait and see if Kristen gets one.